GC/MS characterization of volatile components of hydrocolloids from Irvingia gabonensis and Mucuna sloanei seeds

O. U. Igwe and U. C. Obiukwu

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Irvingia gabonensis and Mucuna sloanei seeds are among the known soup thickeners used in the preparation of different kinds of soups and local delicacies in Southeast Nigeria. The thickening substances which are hydrocolloids have
been isolated and partially characterized using gas chromatography-mass spectrometry method. Eighteen constituents were identified in I. gabonensis comprising aromatic (0.76 %), hydrocarbons (7.19 %), ketones (1.53 %), carboxylic/fatty acids (79.47 %) and esters (11.04 %). Twenty-one constituents were identified in M. sloanei comprising hydrocarbons (22.58 %), esters (19.42 %), fatty acids (45.64 %), amide (5.77 %), aldehyde (4.69 %) and ketones (1.89 %). This research reveals that the seed hydrocolloids of M. sloanei contain more volatile phytochemicals than that of I. gabonensis.