Elaboration of novel adsorbent from Moroccan oil shale using Plackett–Burman design

Said Mansouri,N. Elhammoudi, S. Aboul-Hrouz, Mossaab Mouiya, L. Makouki, A. Chham, Abdelkrim Abourriche, Hassan Hannache and Mina Oumam

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The new adsorbents were prepared from Moroccan oil shale by chemical and physical process .In this study, experimental Plackett-Burman has been used as a screening method to study six factors for the development of materials to adsorbent basis of oil shale Moroccan. The factors have been identified by two levels, To Know temperature (°C), Processing time (min), mass ratio (m precursor/m acid), Pretreatment mixture the precursor with acid, origin of the raw material and type of the activating agent (H2SO4, H3PO4).And it was chosen as a response The maximum quantity of adsorption of the molecule of Methylene blue (Qads in mg/g) and the specific surface measure by the method bet (Sbet in m2/g), The predicted values were in agreement with the experimental values with a coefficient of determination (R2) of 0.98. The model has been validated by experiments subsequent to optimized conditions. The experimental data processing by software JMP 7 showed that the processing temperature The report of oil shale on the acid and activation time were the important effect on the maximal capacity of adsorption of methylene blue. The sample prepared at 237 °C during 215 min with pre-processing has a maximal capacity of adsorption equal to 54mg/g according to model of adsorption of Langmuir and SBET equal to 143 m2/g.