Assessment of trace metals and physicochemical parameters of commercially available honey in Ethiopia

Weldegebriel Yohannes, Bhagwan Singh Chandravanshi and Ghirma Moges

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Trace metal contents and quality parameters (physicochemical properties) such as pH, electrical conductivity and ash content of four Ethiopian honeys were determined using flame atomic absorption spectrometry, pH-meter, conductivity
meter and ashing, respectively. The optimized wet digestion method for honey analysis was found efficient for the metals determined and it was validated through the recovery experiment and a good percentage recovery was obtained
(93-104%). Fe was found in highest amount with mean concentration ranging from 5.37 to 12.4 µg/g followed by Ni with mean concentration range of 0.80 to 4.46 µg/g, Cr (1.20-4.33 µg/g), Zn (1.92-4.22 µg/g), Co (0.60-1.17 µg/g), Mn
(0.16-0.89 µg/g), Cd (ND-0.69 µg/g) andCu (0.09-0.47 µg/g). The toxic metal Pb was not detected. The ranges of physicochemical properties determined were summarized as: pH 4.11-4.33, electrical conductivity of 0.10-0.29 mscm-1 and ash
content 0.17-0.46%. The metals content and the physicochemical properties investigated in honey samples were found within the ranges established by national and international standards.