Phytochemical screening and antimicrobial studies of afzelia africana and detarium microcarpum seeds

Chisom Friday, Ugochukwu Akwada and Okenwa U. Igwe

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The aim of this study was to probe the phytochemical constituents and the antimicrobial activities of Afzelia africana and Detarium microcarpum seed endosperms. The results obtained from the phytochemical screening indicated that tannins, flavonoids, fatty acids, phenol, steroids, saponins and alkaloids were present. The seed extracts were tested against eight pathogenic organisms comprising of two Gram positive and two Gram negative bacteria; two fungi and two viruses using Agar and Disc diffusion methods. The plant extracts exhibited antimicrobial activities against all the tested organisms. This investigation therefore, suggests the incorporation of Afzelia africana and Detarium microcarpum seeds into human diets as they are rich in medicinal agents that could trigger great physiological effects. It also authenticates their use as soup thickeners in eastern Nigeria and in the production of snacks.