Characterization and physicochemical properties of wood sawdust in Niger area, Nigeria

Patience Nne Ikenyiri, Freeborn Millionaire Nestor Abowei, Chukwuemeka Peter Ukpaka and Stephen Aguguom Amadi

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Investigation was carried out to examine the characterization and physicochemical properties of some wood sawdust obtained from Niger Delta Area of Nigeria limited for the purpose of usage as an absorbent for remediation of contaminant in soil environment. Experimental examination was conducted on value, moisture content, bulk density and porosity, iodine number and ash content for the various wood sawdust samples from Obuba and Abura, Opepe/mahogany. The result obtained revealed that the pH value of Obuba red (soft wood) is 5.48, Abura (hard wood) 6.18, opepe/mahogany (hard wood) 5.75 and iroko (soft wood) 5.29, whereas the moisture content value opepe/mahogany and iroko. The result further revealed that the bulk density and the porosity value are as presented, grain volume value are 2.910, 2.475, 1.931, and 2.959, bulk density value are 1.0317, 0.884, 0.2190, 0.4306, 0.5490, and 0.3499 for obuba red, abura, opepe/mahogany and iroko. The iodine number tested demonstrates the following value of 10.20, 6.90, 13.90 and 5:9 and 6.6 for obuba red, abura, opepe/mahogany and iroko. Finally, it was demonstrated that the usefulness of characterization and examination of physicochemical properties of functional components that control and improve the monitoring, predicting and determination of the kinetics values.