Toxicological symptoms and leachates quality in Elelenwo, Rivers State, Nigeria

Godson Ndubuisi Iwuoha and Abiola Akinseye

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The toxicological symptoms prevalent and reported in Elelenwo area were takenĀ into consideration and the leachates quality of its notable dumpsites was investigated for possible links. In situ measurements were made and standard procedures followed for analyses of lead, cadmium and nickel as well as other physicochemical load of the leachates. The results obtained were compared with various guidelines set by some notable regulatory bodies. The outcome showed more than 100 folds toxicity levels above the various benchmarks especially for lead, cadmium and nickel. These dumpsites as a result are environmental hotspots for pollution distribution to nearby surface waters, air and wastewaters bodies as well as the ground water. There is a strong link between reported toxicological symptoms among inhabitants of Elelenwo and Leachates toxicity from these dumpsites and there is emergency need for clean-up action by appropriate authorities.