Synthesis of naphtho-quinoxaline-7, 12-dione, anthra-ptereidine-7, 12-dione and anthra-pyridine derivatives

Hanaa Abdellatif and Eman Abd El Rady

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In present investigation, addition of nitroso group at position 1 of 2- aminoanthraquinone (1) yielded 2-amino-1-nitroanthraquinone (2) was carried out by the reaction of compound (1) with sodium nitrite in water. Compound (2) was used as an initial intermediate to produce 3-amino-2-cyano-naphtho[2,3- f]quinoxaline-7, 12-dione (4) by reaction of compound (2) with cyanoacetamide in dimethylformamide in presence of piperidine gave intermediate (3), then cyclization may be carried out by releasing of water molecule. Compound (4) consider good and available starting key to synthesis many new of quinoxalinedione, naphthoquinoxaline-dione, anthrapetridine-dione, anthrapyredine-dione, triazolepyredine-dione derivatives. The structures of the resulting products were determined by elemental analysis, mass, IR and 1H NMR spectral data.