Biosynthesis of copper oxide nanoparticles using Ailanthus altissima leaf extract and antibacterial activity

Akl M. Awwad and Mohammad W. Amer

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An eco-friendly green route for synthesis copper oxide nanoparticles (CuONPs) by Ailanthus altissima leaf aqueous extract was reported. The synthesized copper oxide nanoparticles were characterized in terms morphology, crystalline nature,
structural and antibacterial activity with UV-vis, SEM, TEM, FT-IR analysis tools. The synthesized copper oxide nanoparticles were well crystalline in nature with particle shape spherical and average particle size 20 nm. The antimicrobial
activity of CuONPs was determined by disk diffusion method against some selected species of bacteria, demonstrated a significant inhibitory activity against S. aureus followed by E. coli. In view of promising activity, the CuONPs could
possibly be employed as antibacterial agent.