Synthesis of quinolone derivatives and their molecular docking for antiepileptic activity

Alka Pradhan and Sanjay Kumar Vishwakarma

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Compounds having quinolone moiety are associated with wonderful biological activities. In the present study, Schiff bases of 1-amino-7-hydroxy-4- methylquinoline-2(1H)-one and 1-amino-7-hydroxy-2-methylquinoline-4(1H)- one with substituted aromatic carbonyl compounds were synthesized. The final test compounds were purified and characterized by IR, 1HNMR and Mass Spectral studies. M.P. of these compounds was confirmed by open capillary method instrument chemline cl 725. Docking study of quinolone derivatives was performed on the three high resolution crystal structures of hCA enzyme using Biopredicta module of VLife MDS 3.5 software to study the binding modes of quality and quantum interactions between synthesized compounds with the target enzymes (PDB pdb 3F8E). Synthesized compounds 14, 15, 31, 25 and 9 showed strong antiepileptic activity among all synthesized compound.