Gas chromatography: A tool for drug analysis in biological samples

Mohd. Suhail and Imran Ali

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To date, diseases are very common due to environmental contamination; genetic disorders, microorganisms and drug addiction, which are cured by different drugs. Drug addiction gives rise to many dangerous diseases because it causes many abnormal behaviors in the body. The abnormal behavior depends on where the drug is accumulated in the body. It is well understood that long time consumption of any drug (especially in case of drug addiction) in any biological sample may be very harmful. Besides, it also disturbs the normal behavior of the brain because of which abnormality appears. Hence, the analysis of drugs and their metabolites in urine, plasma, serum, oral liquid, and other numerous materials have great importance in this advanced era. The analysis of drugs in numerous matters helps us in understanding the reason of abnormal behavior caused by drugs and their metabolites. In drug analysis, many chromatographic techniques have great importance. In all chromatographic techniques, gas chromatography has a unique position. The present paper reviews the role of gas chromatography for drug analysis in the different biological samples. Besides, the attempts have also been made to discuss the future challenges and perspectives of the drug analysis in the biological samples by gas chromatography.