A novel projection for anomers of glucose

Mohd. Suhail

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There are many monosaccharides, which are considered as a monomeric unit of polysaccharides. The glucose is one main monosaccharide that have paramount importance in our daily life. Actually, glucose is an optically active polyhydroxy
aldehyde, which has four chiral centers in open chain form, and five chiral centers in cyclic form. Due to the presence of stereogenic centers, it becomes very important to write a correct representation showing its stereochemistry/chirality. Many scientists have given their ideas to write a correct representation/projection of a glucose molecule. Tollens/Fischer, Haworth projection, chair conformation, and stereochemical view, are one of them. The current paper presents another projection for glucose in an easy and understandable depiction, and is named as a novel projection. The projection that was used for gaining the presented representation was the stereochemical view of glucose, which was rotated horizontally at 90°. The main thing to be kept in the mind, was to preserve the stereochemistry of each carbon as it is, and the positions of -OH groups above and below the plane of glucose ring. The current projection is applicable not only for alpha glucose but also for beta glucose. Besides, the presented projection will also be very helpful in representing the chiral molecules having a cyclic structure.