Kaolin and bentonite catalysts efficiencies for the debutylation of 2-tertbutylphenol

Rokhsana Mohammed Ismail, Wael Qasem Almaqtri and Mohammed Hassan

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Yemeni clays (bentonite and kaolin) were used as catalysts and catalysts supported metals ions Ce, Pt, Pt-Ce, Pd, Pd-Ce, for the debutylation reaction of 2- tert-butylphenol. The two clays were characterized using atomic absorption spectroscopy, particle size analyzer and N2-BET adsorption method. The activity of debutylation reaction was found to depend on the type of the catalyst. Kaolin based catalysts were more active than those bentonite based. The Selectivity of the catalysts was found to depend on the type of treatment that each catalyst was subjected to. The catalysts that were treated by calcination were more selective towards phenol formation (debutylation reaction of 2-tertbutylphenol), while those treated by reduction were more selective toward the formation of 4-tertbutylphenol (isomerization reaction of 2-tertbutylphenol).