An advanced trick to calculate the molecules and ions bond order with practical application

Mohd. Suhail

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Every molecule has two or more atoms linked to each other through a bond. The number of bonds between two atoms is called bond order. Hence, the bond order gives information about the total number of bonds between two atoms. Besides,
different methods and definitions have been given to find out an exact bond order based on various theories. The most acceptable theory to find an exact bond order is the molecular orbital theory. Using this theory, the whole electronic
configuration of the molecule is written first, then total electrons present in bonding orbitals as well as antibonding orbitals are counted. After that, the bond order is calculated using an old and time-consuming formula. The presented
paper describes an advanced, easy, and time-saving method, named as an advanced trick/method, with a new formula to find out an exact bond order. In this trick, only total electrons and the number of antibonding electrons is considered to calculate the bond order using developed strategy with practical examples.