Phytochemical remediation and detoxification of aflatoxins in cattle feed

Arif Nazir, Sharafat Hussain, Munawar Iqbal and Naveed Ahmad

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Contamination during the preparation and storage of feed are known to be environmental concerns. This study focusses on the use of Mangifera indica, Citrus sinensis and Syzygium cumini leaves that showed best anti-aflatoxigenic actions against A. paraciticus during the process of feed storage. A. paraciticus vaccinated feed of cattle had been cured through carefully chosen plant leaves powder in various concentrations and stored for a duration of 180 days with 15% humidity and at 25°C. Aflatoxins (AFTs) quantities had been measured at the end of each month. Selected plant leaves repressed AFTs production noticeably; yet, Citrus sinensis and Syzygium cumini blocked AFTs nearly 100% at higher percentage of leaves for the duration of feed storage for 180 days. Results exhibited that AFTs formation was blocked totally by plant leaves powder. These plant leaves could possibly be potent anti-aflatoxigenic materials to protect feedstuffs during storage and also recommended as a best solution for this environmental concern.