Kalonji (Nigella sativa): Examining the features and medical benefits of natural traditional medicine

Naseem Zahra, Muhammad Khalid Saeed, Fatima Rashid and Laiba Saleem

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The flowering plant kalonji, occasionally referred to as Nigella Sativa or black seed, had an extensive record of application in conventional medicine. Kalonji, a plant having origins in the southwest of Asia, the Near East, and Southern Europe, has been historically valued for its strong chemical compounds and medicinal properties. Additional oil, protein, alkaloid compounds, saponin, and essential oil all have been present. Research indicating the seeds' healthcare effectiveness is particularly rare since very few investigations have been carried out in other nations of the world due to the importance of these seeds in Muslim countries' religious practices. This review examines the kalonji's active components, chemical makeup, culinary applications social significance through history, and uses in medicine. This abstract also explores the several health benefits of kalonji, highlighting the importance of both clinical validation and scientific research in optimizing the benefits of kalonji and ensuring its moral diversity in the world of medicine.