10 Issue 2

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C. P. Ukpaka. Examination of plant growth on improved soil environment polluted with crude oil bioremediation concept. Current Science Perspectives 3(2) (2017) 67-78


Investigation was conducted to examine the plant growth on improved soil environment polluted with crude oil by the application of bioremediation. The major crops considered during the investigation includes maize and beans, their growth per day was monitored and measured as well as the percentage reduction effect of fertilizer on total hydrocarbon content of the contaminated soil sample. The percentage reduction content of the contaminated soil sample was determined experimentally. The empirical model equation in terms of regression equations were obtained as well as the best square riot of curve for both soil environment remediate with NKP and goat dropping. The maize growths characteristic was more rapid than the bean growths, indicating the high improvement in soil remediation and plant utilization of soil nutrient for their optimum growth rate.




     Akhilesh singh, Savita Vyas, Mukesh Pandey and Anurag Gour. Community type solar steam cooking system: A review. Current Science Perspectives 3(2) (2017) 79-82


Sun is an amorous source of Energy. This energy called as solar energy .This energy can be used in several ways such as water heating, generation of electricity, cooking food and heating space etc. This paper is mainly based on cooking application with the help of solar energy. The cooking application can be done by various methods like direct solar cooking with parabolic reflection, the direct solar cooking with box type cooker and indirect solar cooking with steam generation. This paper is mainly based on indirect solar cooking with steam generation which is also called as community solar cooking. Community solar cooking is used where large quantity of food required (more than 50 people).



    C. P. Ukpaka and S. A. Amadi. Investigating of gas flare influence on environmental corrosion of metals. Current Science Perspectives 3(2) (2017) 83-97


In this research mathematical models were developed and stimulated using the experimental data generated. The application of weight loss analytical technique was used in monitoring the influence of gas flaring on the environmental corrosion of metals within the region under investigation. The mathematical model developed for corrosion rate of metal upon the influence of diffusion velocity, the rate of transfer of components due to molecular diffusion, the evaluation of the concentration of iron ion, net anodic current and cathodic current density. The results obtained from the investigation revealed that the concentration of the iron ion increases with increase in time as well as metal polarization increases with decrease in cathodic current density and increase in anodic current density. The influence of distance was considered during the corrosion of metals and the results obtained reveal that corrosion rate decreases with increase in distance from the gas flare point. The theoretical and experimental data was compared and the results obtained show a good match indicating the reliability of the developed model.




Raghad S. Mouhamd, Sahar A. Al Latif, Shaimaa A. Yousir, Ibrahim B. Razaq, Munawar Iqbal, Mazhar Abbas, Arfaa Sajid and Arif Nazir. Impact on hay under saline conditions of Arbusular-Mycorrhiza and Bradyrhizobium japonicum. Current Science Perspectives 3(2) (2017) 97-104


Intelligent impact of the vaccination with neighborhood secludes of between mycorrhizal growths and B. japonicum on development and efficiency of hay under salaine conditions. A field test was directed to assess the impact of immunization with nearby disconnected of AM organisms and B Japonicum independently and in combination on development and generation of horse feed under saline condition. The outcomes demonstrated that the treatment of double immunization with AM parasites and RB. Japonicum actuated critical augmentation in dry and new weight, mycorrhizal parasites contamination rates, number of knobs contrasted and control treatment likewise came about mycorrhizal vaccination and B. japonicum disease was comparable in the impact on development properties. The outcomes demonstrated that concoction parameterizes (N, P, K, Mg, Ca, Na, Mn, Cu, and Zn) for double immunization essentially expanded as mycorrhizal vaccination and B. japonicum contamination. Additionally the study on the likelihood of the utilization of bio-manure and affirm its adequacy in the creation of high caliber and amount produce crop without the utilization of concoction composts. 




M. Iqbal, R. A. Khera, M. Tariq, Halima Sadia, Mazhar Abbas, Arif Nazir, M. Arshad and Umer Younas. Cytotoxicity and bioactivity evaluation of pygmy date palmextracts. Current Science Perspectives 3(2) (2017) 106-111


In present study, the biological activities and cytotoxicity of Phoenix roebeleniiwere evaluated. The leaves were extracted using n-hexane, methanol, chloroform, ethylacetate and water. The extracts were tested against Escherichia coli, bacillus subtilis,Aspergillus niger and Ganoderma lucidum. In addition, the antioxidant potentials were determined by TPC, TFC and DPPH radical scavenging methods. The cytotoxic activity of the extracts was tested by heamolytic assay. The Phoenix roebelenii extract had good biological activities; however, vary among solvents used for extraction. The TPC, TFC and IC50 were recorded higher in ethyl acetate, methanol and water extracts, respectively. The Phoenix roebelenii leaves extracts also showed significant antimicrobial activity and found to be vary among extracting sovents. A remarkable cytotoxic activity against red bool cells was observed and methanol and chloroform extracts revealed significantly higher cytotoxicity versus other solvents.