Modification of natural bentonite clay using cetyl trimetyl-ammonium bromide and its adsorption capability on some petrochemical wastes

Enyadike Chiobuoma Jennifer and Okoye Peter Ifedi

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Modification of bentonite clay to produce organophilic was performed using a quaternary ammonium compound cetyl trimetyl-ammonium bromide (CTAB), which possesses surfactant properties. Impregnation technique was employed to
perform the modification. This was achieved by varying the various concentrations of CTAB from 0.01-0.06 mol/L. Adsorption test was carried out using petrochemical wastes (Toulene, Xylene and Phenol) and water on both modified and unmodified bentonites. The result showed that the modified bentonite adsorbed more of the petrochemical wastes than water, while unmodified bentonite adsorbed more water than hydrocarbons. The result also showed that the amount of petrochemical wastes adsorbed increases with an increase in the concentration of CTAB with an evident decrease in the amount of water adsorbed. Obtained experimental results indicate that the bentonite clay mineral modified with CTAB is an effective adsorbent for the removal of petrochemical wastes which are important source of environmental organic pollutants.