Bioactivity profiling of four traditional medicinal plants leave extracts native to Alemsaga Forest, Ethiopia

Limenew Abate

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Total content of secondary metabolites, free radical scavenging activities and peroxide value from Cordia africana Lam., Croton macrostachyus Hochst., Vernonia amygdalina Del. and Justicla schimperiana T. leave extracts were carried out using methanol as a solvent. (1,1-diphenyl-2-picryl-hydrazyl) DPPH and peroxide value (PV) using IDF methods were used for evaluating antioxidant potentials. The results confirmed the presence of secondary metabolites such as Coumarins, Leucoanthocyanths, proteins, alkaloids, flavonoids, phenols, terpenoids, saponins, tannins, cartenoids, phlobatannins, steroids and glycosides. Quantitatively, steroids showed highest amount (5.4±0.24%, 7.12±0.32%, 8.6±0.21%) for Croton macrostachyus Hochst., Justicla schimperiana T. and Vernonia amygdalina Del. leave extracts respectively. In Cordia Africana Lam. leave extracts saponins showed highest amount (8.1±0.17%). Justica schimperiana T. leave extracts showed highest value DPPH scavenging activity ranged from (67.64±0.03% to 77.48±0.04%) and the lowest scavenging value recorded in Cordia africana Lam. ranged from 67.64±0.03% to 77.48±0.04%). In PV assay, the highest value was recorded in Cordia africana Lam. leave extracts (86.17±0.22meq/kg) and the lowest PV was recorded in Justicla schimperiana T. leave extracts (16.24±0.12meq/kg) using IDF modified method. Thus the leave extract of the plants possess antioxidants activities with the lowest antioxidant activities in cordial africana lam. and highest antioxidant activities in justice schimperiana T. leave extracts with presence of different phytochemicals.