Nano platelets kaolinite for the adsorption of toxic metal ions in the environment

Marwa M. Al-a'qarbeh, Maisa'a W. Shammout and Akl M. Awwad

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Contamination of water reservoirs with different toxic metal ions from industrial activities has emerged as one of major issues in recent years. The adsorption of Pb(II) ions from aqueous solution onto Nano platelets kaolinite has been investigated. The adsorption studies were determined as a function of pH, contact time, initial metal ion concentration, adsorbent dosage and temperature. Nano platelets kaolinite prepared from raw Jordanian kaolin clay showed size in the
range of 12-80 nm. Maximum adsorption capacity as determined by Langmuir isotherm model is 175.44 mg/g for Pb(II). Thermodynamic parameters, ∆Go, ∆Ho and ∆So were revealed that the adsorption process is spontaneous and endothermic process. The results showed that Nano platelets kaolinite can be efficiently used as a low-cost alternative and eco-friendly adsorbent for the removal of toxic heavy metals from wastewater.