Corrosion inhibition of API 5L X80 pipeline steel in acidic environment using aqueous extract of Thevetia peruviana

Akens Hamilton-Amachree and Nkem Bartholomew Iroha

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Aqueous extract of Thevetia peruviana leaves were investigated as corrosion inhibitor for API 5L X80 pipeline steel in 1M H2SO4 solution using electrochemical and gravimetric techniques. The results reveal that T. peruviana inhibited the X80
pipeline steel corrosion in the acid medium in a concentration dependent manner. Potentiodynamic polarization results showed T. peruviana to be a mixed type inhibitor in 1M H2SO4 environment, whereas the impedance results revealed
adsorption of the inhibitor species on the steel surface. The gravimetric results reveal that the adsorption mechanism of the inhibitor on the steel surface was chemisorption. The adsorption was in accordance with Freundlich adsorption
isotherm and negative standard adsorption energy (Δ