Facile route for the synthesis and characterization of new naphtho[2,3- f]quinoxaline-dione, trione and anthra-dione derivatives

Hanaa Abdellatif and Eman Abd El Rady

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In the present study, addition of nitroso group at position 1 of 2- aminoanthraquinone (1) to yield 2-amino-1-nitroanthraquinone (2) was carried out by the reaction of compound (1) with sodium nitrite in water. Compound (2) was used as starting material to produce many new naphtho[2,3-f] quinoxalinedione, trione, naphtho-pyrazole quinoxaline-dione, anthra-triazine-dione, naphtho-thiazole quinoxaline-dione and anthrabenzo-triazepine-dione derivatives by elimination of one molecule of water as an initial reaction step. The reacting moieties were nitroso and amino function groups to yield a series of compounds. The structures of the products were determined by elemental mass, IR and 1H NMR analysis and the adopted method is efficient to prepare a series of compounds and could possibly be used for the synthesis of new compounds.