Operational reliability analysis of lube oil and load utilization effect on the efficiency

Chukwuemeka P. Ukpaka and N. I. Ekperi

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Evaluation of the comparison of reliability and unreliability of lube oil in the generator on the effect of load utilization was studied using reliability analysis. The continuous running of the generator set and the load utilization reduces the quality of the lube oil which influences the operational performance. The results obtained on evaluating the performance of lube oil in the generator using reliability analysis reveals that constant failure was observed as the characteristics of the lube oil decreases and the available load utilization reduces as well. Finally, this research work is found useful in monitoring, predicting and simulating the effect of load utilization and output running hours on the reliability and unreliability of the generator set. However, the reliability value decreases as the lubricating losses the integrity in terms of quality to perform the primary assignment. The cost of unreliability increases as continuous shut down will be experience as load input increases.