DPP direct and indirect estimation of sulfamethoxazole in pharmaceuticals using Schiff base derivative

Raied H. Mohammad, Salam A.H. Al-Ameri and Taghreed M. Musa

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The research includes the development of a simple, sensitive and accurate DPP (differential pulse polarographic) method for the quantitative determination of sulfamethoxazole drug in pharmaceutical preparations and in their pure and commercial farms, also the electrochemical behavior using the dropping mercury electrode DME, as well as finding the values of the half-wave potential (E½) as qualitative value also the number of electrons that were transferred and participating in the reduction process.  Synthesis of Schiff's base between sulfamethoxazole with 4-dimethylaminobenzaldehyde compound wherein the Sulfamethoxazole drug can be indirectly estimated. The sulfamethoxazole drug and the sulfamethoxazole Schiff's base derivative showed a clear reduction peak at a voltage of (-0.18) and (-0.49) volt under optimal conditions. The standard calibration curve prepared for the sulfamethoxazole and the sulfamethoxazole Schiff's base derivative at a concentration range of (10-100) and (50-1000) µg.ml-1 gave a correlation coefficient of 0.9996 and 0.9976 respectively, also LOD and LOQ of the sulfamethoxazole drug 0.0886 and 0.1003 respectively, and The LOD and LOQ of sulfamethoxazole Schiff's base derivative 0.602 and 0.694 µg.ml-1, respectively, also the average of the relative standard deviation RSD of the sulfamethoxazole drug was 0.52 % sulfamethoxazole Schiff's base derivative was 0.5%  with  recovery of the sulfamethoxazole drug 99.54% and 100.79%  for the sulfamethoxazole Schiff's base derivative.