Nutritional composition and pasting properties of extracted starch from Maranta arundinacea L.

Supaporn Ieamkheng, Najjapak Sooksawat, Supattra Poonpaerdchon, Bunny Soem and Somtop Santibenchakul

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This research focused on extracting and characterizing arrowroot starch, investigating the effects of planting locations on arrowroot rhizomes at 6 and 9 months. The nutritional composition analysis revealed an increase in carbohydrate and amylose content, while other components exhibited a decrease. Carbohydrates emerged as the predominant constituent of arrowroot, constituting approximately 88-90% of its composition. Furthermore, arrowroot starch extracted from 9-month-old rhizomes exhibited elevated viscosity and heat resistance values. Consequently, arrowroot starch presents itself as a novel raw material suitable for application in the food and manufacturing industries.